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Brown Allan

       The founder of Brown Allan,Mr.Allan Scott,wasborn in Perth shire.Having his parent working in a spinning mill.Allan developed his interest in yarn spinning at his early age. In the year 1983,Allan met Sir Robert Brown ,a member of the largest clan in Scotland.Upon his enthusiasms and outstanding knowledge on spinning ,sir Robert Brown was convinced to invest in Allan to set up a spinning mill.After certain period of searching,Allan settled in "The Spinney" and named his first spinning mill as "Brown Allan",to express the gratefulness for the support from Sir Robert Brown.That's how the story of Brawn Allan started.

       Brown Allan is using the best quality cashmere yarn from Todd & Duncan,combining with exquisite knitting techniques from Italy,providing sweater in goog shape and elegant styling.The outstanding quality of products established the prominent position of Brown Allan.

       The main products of Brown Allan contain the formal suit,administrative suit and leisure wears,The styling preserves the traditional gentlemen presence and ladies elegant from Endland;mixed with the European fashion design,creating modern classic with tradition temperamemt.

       As the economy in China is rapidly developed,the high class fashion market is becoming mature;it is the time for Brown Allan to open up her market in China,as a step to move forward the brand into a new era.