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  • Noble Cashmere Tweed Collection

    High quality cashmere blended with Australian wool, processed with the most advanced spinning, weaving and dyeing facilities, the products are endowed with slippery handle, nice elasticity, delicate structures and beautiful surface. Unique patterns and fresh colors are selected, product styles are embodied through interweaving with cashmere and wool. The products are sophisticated and upscale with bright yet mild gloss, which are the ideal fabrics for high-end suits and leisure wear.

  • Noble Finest Cashmere Worsted Flannel Collection

    Blended with high quality cashmere and superfine Australian wool, special structure designs and processed with advanced finishing and milling facilities. The products are with rich and waxy handle, hairs are neat and even with mild gloss, which are suitable for high class formal dress and women’s dress.

  • Superior Cashmere Ladies Cloth Collection

    High quality cashmere and superfine Australian wool, unconventional weaving grains with trendy colors utilizing, processed with special finishing making the products refined, textured, soft and resilient. The colors are pure and rich which dignify the wearers. Unique structures are applied and giving the brand new visuals and touching, which satisfy females’ curiosity and is suitable for women’s dress suit.

  • Premium Business Suit Collection

    The classic business suit collection with special finishing by advanced facilities, blended with cashmere, fine Australian wool, polyester and conductive fiber. The gloss is natural and mild with neat surface and pure colors. The application of conductive fiber effectively resolves the static weakness of wool-polyester products. The fabric is with good performance in permanent anti-static, wear-resisting and shape retention. The using of cashmere raise the sense of noble, thanks to the resistant and pure colors, fine quality and superb performance, the garments made of the fabrics are gorgeous and it is the preferred choice for business wear.

  • Cashmere Ripple Collection

    Weaving structures are numerous, products can be in solid, checks and jacquards etc. Ripples are even, tender, glossy, sliding waxy and in well bodies. It is with natural sheen after finishing and in high class appearance, which meets the fashion and thermal demands of business people.

  • Refined Woolen Cashmere Collection

    It adopts superior fine counts woolen yarn and with clear texture and special finishing to obtain the products in different colors and designs. This kind of product is with abundant color selection, gentleness, softness, straight shape and clear texture, which makes it a preferable choice for high-end men's jackets, leisure suits and ladies formal wear.

  • Short Nap Down Cashmere Collection

    Quality cashmere is selected and various weaving structures are adopted, products can be in solid, contrast color checks and jacquards, with features of dense surface, straight and submissive hairs, sliding waxy handles, glossy, well bodies, good pilling and high strengths, which is the preferable choice of high quality business wears.

  • Cashmere Raised Pile Collection

    Quality cashmere is selected and various weaving structures are adopted, products can be in solid, contrast color checks and jacquards, with features of dense, standing, neat and rich surface, as well as well bodies, natural gloss, good elasticity, which is the preferred fabric for thermal purpose is winter.

  • Cashmere Tweed Collection

    Multiple structures are adopted to weave. Products possess with abundant patterns and colors, even surface, mild outlines and figures etc. The inherent characteristics of cashmere such as softness and tenderness are retained, which are suited for either refined leisure coats and jackets, or clothing which integrated with knits.

  • Double Layered / Faced Cashmere Collection

    Various weaving structures are adopted, products can be in solid and checks. The double faced cashmere can be in different colors or even different styles and features, and it is dignified, with rich and tender handles and good elasticity. Lining can be waived during garment processed by this fabric and fully embodies the softness and heat retention of cashmere, which satisfies elites’ winter clothing demands.

  • Fine Counts Cheviot Collection

    Australian Wool is selected as a guarantee of quality and with tender texture, neat surface, silk-like handfeel, good elasticity and good adorable drapes. Thanks to the selected technical parameters, especially those during finishing process, the surface is neat and handfeel is smooth, along with the well bodies and drapy appearance, making the products look delicate and the wearer gorgeous. It is the fabric that elites pursue.

  • High-end Silk Tweed Collection

    Blended or weaved with selected soybean fiber, spun silk, silk, tencel and fine Australian Wool, fully embodies the gloss, moisture absorption and breathability of silk. The adorable waxy hand feel of silk and the elasticity of wool have enhanced the performance and quality. The product is suitable for refined dress suits thanks to the satisfactory handfeel and gloss.

  • Wool serge with high count Collection

    It selects OPTIM wool and Australian high-count wool as raw material. The OPTIM wool has characteristic in common with silk and cashmere fibers after processed by the chemical and physical techniques. Blended with OPTIM wool and super fine Merino Wool, the fabric will have the luxury hand feel as cashmere qualities and the shiny appearance as silk qualities, as well as the inherent drapability and fullness as wool qualities. The use of compact spinning technology makes the fabric with fine and clean surface and elegant and luxurious quality which is suitable for high-end suits.

  • High count wool tweed Collection

    It is spun in high yarn count with the fine merino wool quality preferentially selected as raw material, which fully embodies the soft hand feel and exquisite and shiny surface of super fine wool. Ingenious design makes fabric have a strong sense of three-dimensional appearance. Through the advanced finishing technology processing, it achieves a luxury hand feel and glossy surface, which is suitable for high-end suits and casual wear in spring and summer.

  • High-end cashmere / Australian wool blended serge Collection

    It selects the white cashmere from Inner Mongolia with micron below 16.0μm and the super fine Merino wool from Australia with micron 14.5-17.5μm to spin the yarn in count 90s/2 – 200s/2NM and weight 120-220 g/㎡. Its design concept is a merge of tradition, classic and modern fashion and it uses advanced eco-friendly processing technology to produce high-quality fabrics in Italian style. This kind of product is with delicate surface, soft hand feel, elegant and luxurious quality, which makes it be the first choice for high-end apparels.

  • Linen woven fabrics

    Thanks to the perfect configuration of weaving machinery, we have advantage in weaving a variety of high-end fabric with special structures in high quality. We have the advanced dyeing and finishing devices for both yarn and fabric. Besides, the products are expanded to use other natural fiber, which enriches the product category and meets the demand of high-end fashion markets. The products we can supply are not only pure linen, linen blends, linen woven fabric, but also the different fabric qualities as high count and high density, double warps and double wefts, twill, jacquard, linen/tencel blend, linen/wool blend, linen/cashmere blend, etc to fulfill different demands from high-end markets.

  • Linen knitting

    Using the European technology concept and the latest fashion elements at domestic and abroad, the nascent knitting technology of linen quality has been applied more maturely and perfectly by Zhongyin. The linen is interpreted as a simple fashion, soft, cool and air permeable luxury fabric quality by simple jersey and complete dyeing and finishing system. The categories are covering the knitted fabric, piece-dyed fabric and jacquard fabric with yarn count above 24Nm.