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  • Woolen Cashmere Yarn

    Italian BELLINI full-automatic dyeing system, OCTIR carding system, GAUDINO ring spinning devices are adopted to form the core of dyeing and spinning manufacturing system. Currently the annual capacity is 1080 tons and will be boosted to 2500 tons when the new development project is launched, forming the woolen knitting and weaving yarns spun with natural fibers of cashmere and blends like wool cashmere, cotton cashmere, silk cashmere from 14nm to 36nm, to fulfill the requirements of various kinds of woolen fabrics, knitwear, woven clothing, etc.

  • Worsted Cashmere yarn

    Exclusive cashmere tops combed with the company’s particular know-how, brand new customized facilities imported from Italy, France, Germany and Japan, forming the 5000 spindles capacity of worsted cashmere manufacturing. The workmanship can be either processed with fibers or tops, 36nm to 100nm pure cashmere and blended yarns are able to be produced, to fulfill the requirements of various kinds of worsted cashmere knitwear, woven clothing, cashmere fabrics etc.

  • Fine Linen Yarn

    The world-class linen spinning facilities as the supports, supplemented with high quality raw linen materials from western Europe, our linen yarns are better in quality and performance, which meet the demands of different kinds of high-end linen fabrics. Our linen yarns are from 24nm to 60nm and emphasis on in fine counts above 36nm.

  • Special Yarn

    On the basis of providing various kinds of weaving, knitting and top dyed yarns, to meet demands of different clients, we autonomously developed the yarns blended with linen and natural fibers such as linen cashmere blends, linen wool blends, linen silk blends etc. Such products are highly technical and apply to different high-end textiles.