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Lingwu Ecological Textile Park

LingWu Ecological Textile Park can be divided into two production bases. One is LingWu headquarter factory; the other is the ecological textile park which is still under construction. 

LingWu headquarter factory: 

The annual cashmere raw material reservation is 5000 tons; yearly production capacities are 3500 tons of washed cashmere, 1300 tons of dehaired cashmere, 300 tons of cashmere top, 1420 tons of woolen yarn, 260 tons of worsted yarn and over 4 million of cashmere garments. 

The ecological textile park under construction: 

Besides the existing cashmere textile, the products will be extended to the natural fibers as wool and linen. The product orientation is high-end to fulfill the various demands from the high-end consumers. In order to enrich the product categories to fulfill the seasonal demands and sales, the cashmere business is determined to be the core business, as well as the wool and linen business will be developed, which will promote the company’s implementation of high-end brand strategy. The land area of the ecological park is over 133 hectares with the total investment amount RMB 3.637 billion and the annual value RMB 4.587 billion. The park will be finished and put into production in 2014 and 2015 successively.

 Construction project includes:

       (1). Luxury cashmere and wool fabric with annual output of 2.2 million meters 

       (2).Cashmere garment factory with annual capacity of 5 million pieces.

       (3). 30,000 spindles of high count worsted wool yarn

       (4). Cashmere yarn with 20 combing lines and 20 spinning lines 

       (5). Annual output of 2.1 million pieces of high-end cashmere garments

       (6). 30,000 spindles of high count worsted linen yarn and 13 million meters of high-end linen fabric