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Todd & Duncan

       Founded in 1867,the British spinning mill Todd & Duncan is located in the shore of Loch Leven in Scotland.In the late of 19th century,with the cooperation of Dawson International Ltd,Todd& Duncan Ltd invented the first cashmere dehairing machine of the world and this not only made Todd & Duncan being the first cashmere yarn producer but also opened a new industry of modern cashmere.Strictly picked raw materials,traditional craftsmanship inherited,advanced spinning skills,these are components of the best quality of Todd & Duncan yarn,and the reason why  Todd & Duncan can stand on the top of the industry.

      Todd & Duncan is the main supplier for world famous fashion brands.e.g.Louis Vuitton,Prada,Chanel,Ballantyne and Hermes.The secret for its success is the pilling performance and the rich color of yarn.Sweater made with Todd & Duncan yarn is stunning with lovely handling and amazing durability.

      Todd & Duncan was described as "Colorist of cashmere",revealing her ability to dye great variety of color in best quality.Accumulated shades of Todd & Duncan reached a thousand ,no matter how strict the customer is,Todd & Duncan can satisfy every single request.This ability is a combination of most advance technology and color matching profession of the traditional craftsmanship,which is always in leading position within the industry.This outstanding achievement attracts the royal family to become loyal consumer of Todd & Duncan yarn.Baroness Thatcher is one of the supporters of Todd & Duncan yarn,she visited the spinning mill and designated Todd & Duncan yarn for her tailor-made outfits.