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On February 23rd 2013, the meeting of the Company Shareholders adopted the non-public stock offering plan, and the Company prepared to non-publicly offer 283,950,617 shares and raise funds RMB 2,299,999,997.70.The raise funds will be invested in the projects of “20 cashmere yarn carding production lines & 20 cashmere yarn spinning production lines”, “5 million pieces of cashmere sweaters”,”2.1 million pieces of cashmere garments”,”30 thousand worsted linen yarn spindles”, “13 million meters linen fabric”. 

In 2013, the company takeover premium 91% shares of Cambodia Xinwang knitting Co.,Ltd, which company renamed “Zhongyin (Cambodia) Textile Co., Ltd” after completing equity transferring. The company invested setting up production lines for special multicomponent fibre textile with annual output 2 million pieces. The factory had started operation in October, 2013.  

In April 2013, Li Jianhua, the Party Secretary of Hui Autonomous Region, visited the company’s Minning knitting factory.

In June 2013, Liuhui, the Chairman of Hui Autonomous Region visited the company.

On July 25th 2013, the company was awarded two types of Utility Model Patent Certificates from the State Patent Office, which are “raw cashmere artificial separation device” and raw cashmere opening, impurity removal device” with 10 years patent rights.  

In August 2013, the company was approved as cashmere products export inspection-free enterprise by AQSIQ (State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine).

On 11th 2013, the company’s non-public stock plan was approved by the CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission). And the company received the official approval documents on 25th.

On October 1st 2013, the online flagship store of the company’s domestic brand “Philosofie” was opened, which is strengthening the company’s marketing network.

On October 31st 2013, the proposal of establishing “Ningxia Zhongyin Cashmere Import-Export Co.,Ltd” was approved by the board meeting. This new company’s will be advantage for the establishing cooperation between free trade zone of Yinchuan City, and also playing a positive role for the company importing& exporting business.