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Social responsibility

     As a public listed company, we have always comply strictly with Honest and trustworthy, legitimate business rules, comply with social morality, business morality, while on pursuing the company’s profit’s growth and protect the stockholders benefit, company also protect creditor and employees lawful rights. On Dec, 13th, 2011, company has passed three-year BSCI (Initiative to comply with the social responsibility in the business organizations)

     To perfect internal control system, build scientific management order; protect stockholders and creditors lawful rights
In 2012, company has amended and completed the internal control evaluation management system, implemented strictly internal control evaluation projects with accountability, optimized internal control system platform, upgraded internal control system. Under entire staff’s support, business performance on rise year by year, ownership interest increased to 1.72 billion .Company’s market value increasing steadily, actively implement the cash dividends. It has protected the stockholder’s benefit.

     Company has established good relationship with banks, did not have any non-performing loan or overdue loan happen in the past. It assured creditors benefit, maintained the company’s reputation, and it becomes a popular customer for many financing institutions.

     Make efforts to create jobs hardly, Participant Ningxia ecological immigrant project actively

     Cashmere industry is Ningxia economic special pillar industry. It eased employment tension, improved the local economy. At the end of 2012, with the enlargement of new projects investment and business scale, the number of employees has been increased to 2637 people. It is 20% more than in 2011.

      In 2012, company has set up a lopping factory in north mountain area of immigrant in, Lingwu, Langpizi, Ningxia, established an employment platform for surplus immigrant labors, settled down 300immigrants on employment. With the more projects starting in future, it will be more immigrants be settled .And it will become a mode of an ecological immigrant and supporting rural industry. This will produce positive result on solving immigrant employment, pushing urbanization, increasing social stability.

      Company’s industry services “agricultures” directly. The purchasing of cashmere hair involves about 300,000 producing area shepherds. It facilitated on solving shepherds livelihood, improving shepherds’ live quality, fostering the links with the external borders.

     Actively involved in public welfare undertakings and community construction

     Over the years, company and the dominant stockholders has been adhering to give back to the community, dedicated to public welfare. In 2012, 17employee’s children were given sympathy money 52,000.Company dominated computer consuming office supplies with value of 90,000 to Ningxia public listed company association; President Shengguo Ma dominated one million in his own name to mosque. The funds spent on public welfare has been derived for six million. It gained high praises from the society.

     Protect worker’s rights

     Caring staff life

     Company strictly comply with labor law rules, pay for the employee’s five insurance and one fund. Provide free annual body check for entire staff, gynecological examination for female staff; establish the needy workers database, make major disease support system; make” Jinglier scholarship “award system for employees’ university exam-oriented education, provide 3000-5000 RMB scholarship for each child. In order to show respect for the minority ethnic employee’s religion and living habit, company has set up Muslim’s canteen ,built ethnic unity harmonies atmosphere .By consider of more female weavers in textile industry ,company is associating with external companies to held all kinds of fraternity to enrich employee’s life and enhance the cohesion.

     championing employee training

     In 2012, company has completed “Ningxia cashmere Co; Ltd training management system”, flexible class interim procedures, production training monthly activity plan, organizing professional training. In 2012,opened management of business administration courses for upper medium managers total 130 course hours; In June, employee been trained on “Fine management” and “Total quality management”;In September, Sent technicians to Beijing to take M1 pattern design training ;In Dec,held cashmere basic knowledge and raw material status analysis lecture. In order to improve workers literacy, company organized reading activity.

     Set up reserve talent training plan

     Leading with China textile academy, Tianjin Textile University etc about 13 institutions, Enterprises Company established Ningxia cashmere industry technology innovation strategy association. It promoted Ningxia cashmere as a distribution, manufacturing base into a domestic elite cashmere products manufacturing, developing and export center .Cooperate with Xian engineering university, set up Xian engineer university-Ningxia Zhongyin Cashmere Co., Ltd postgraduates training base. With the mode of combining with theory and practical, cultivating wool textile professional talents, absorbing textile major postgraduates and undergraduates come to work for the company.

     In order to strengthen two-way communication between reserve talents and management team, with roots in business development strategy, enhance reserve talents’ sense of identify and belongings, company has established monthly two-way communication activity. It helps experimental staff teaches reserve talent, improved the reserve talent’s skill and inherited the excellent practical management skill from the company.

     Protect consumer, suppliers right.

     Company’s overall object is “To take customer’s feeling as start point, highly focus communication with customers, and constantly improve the product’s quality and customer’s satisfaction. To take customer’s value as base, constantly improve technical innovation skill to satisfy the increasingly demand.aim on customer’s interest, gain trusty with the good quality product, grow together with the customer.

       In order to achieve this goal, company appeals that “customer is supreme, constant improve”, take customer demand as focus ,with all kinds of measurements to improve service level, learn from experiences and summing up lessons, perfect service system, to purse set up a better service platform, create greater value for the customer. At the same time, strengthen after-sales service, improving problem solving ability to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

     Environment protection status

     While developing the business, protecting the environment did not been overlooked. All the waste production meet national environmental requirement, and company is always trying hard to improve the level of pollution emission control, have both developing business and protecting the environment happening on the same time.

     Pay attention of management details, start with small things as saving energy and protect environment

     Company encourages paperless office; strictly comply with economy on utility. Use Tecent e-communicate tool to post information, make full use of internal ERP system and OA office automation system and cashmere knitting production management system, apparel distribution system to improve efficiency of management.

     Company has installed video meeting system. Through video meeting with subsidiaries in domestic and overseas, it helps resolve management, production and trading issues timely and improved work efficiency, reduced carbon emission.

     By using the environmental protection measurements and advanced management system, it not only reduced office supplies consuming, but also saved human resources cost and improved efficiency, realized the double function of green environmental and low carbon emission energy saving.

     Comply with environment production rules-reasonable dispose pollutants according to national rules

     Company comply with environment protection control procedure, assured reduce pollutant emission during production at the maximum limits, didn’t give pollution to the around environment. This procedure is complied with all kinds of production pollutant emission.

     Energy saving technology-Depending on build a green eco-friendly enterprise with technology innovation

     By using technology innovation to improve performance of energy conservation and emission reduction .Company has studied out the skill of cashmere low-temperature suspension dyeing and intelligent control drying which has short time dyeing, low temperature, little fiber damage, low heat consumption, intelligentization, high level of low carbon  ,high efficiency of drying etc strength and features.

     Since 2009, our cashmere yarns and products has been awarded OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate by International association of textile ecological research and testing association.

     Fulfill the social responsibility is the expectation and demands from the nation and the society. Also it is the internal requirement for the enterprise to improve core competitiveness, realize the sustainable development. Only a responsible, faithful enterprise with love and goodwill is a competitive enterprise. And Zhongyin Cashmere Co; Ltd has always been striving towards the road of undertaking social responsibility and maintaining the sustainable development.